Toyota U-Turn, Lightbulb Moments & Beetle Cloned?

Robert returns with some news stories that have caught his eye including a Toyota U-Turn and a VW Beetle clone!

Robert returns with some exciting EV news stories including Cadillac’s first production EV, Toyota teasing it’s bZ4X electric SUV, Honda announcing it will be 100% electric by 2040, an electric makeover for the Aussie Ute and the unveiling of an electric VW Beetle at the Shanghai Motor Show. Oh wait, that’s not a Beetle – it’s an Ora Punk Cat – what the whhhaaat?

He also catches up with Duncan Burt, Director for #COP26 at the National Grid to find out about the launch of their innovative new Green Light Signal smart lightbulbs that glow green when they are powered by renewable energy.

More information on Green Light Signal.

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0:00 Introduction
1:11 Electric Cadillac
1:38 Toyota tease
2:55 Honda 100%
3:33 Turbo Taycan sales
4:20 Electric Beetle?
5:08 Ora Punk Cat
5:39 Chinese EV lead
6:09 Aussie ‘Gov’ advert
6:48 Electric Ute
7:34 Wind turbine recycling
9:56 Green Light Signal
16:40 London EV dream
18:58 Chargers everywhere
20:12 Patreon thanks
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