This VW Van Powers Your House AND The Grid!

We’ve all heard the stat, your car spends 90% of its time parked so if a large chunk of EVs were vehicle to grid, or V2G, enabled in which electrons are sent backwards and forwards between the battery and the grid, that could supply all of the world’s short-term grid energy storage requirements by 2030.

Sounds good right?! But it’s not totally straightforward. The hardware exists, but standardisation, communication protocols and getting all the car companies, charging operators and energy companies and various grids on the same page has proved somewhat of a stumbling block. So what do we need to do?!

In this episode Imogen finds out what it will take to get to this electric vehicle utopia and when we can all expect to enjoy a little bit of V2G!


0.00 Why We Need V2G!
1:15 Introducing Classic E Cars…
1:36 What Can This VW T2 Bus Do?
2:51 How Does It Work?
3:35 Why Haven’t Other Companies Done This?
4:21 What Do You Need For V2G To Work?
6:08 What Are The Benefits Of V2G?
6:37 Chademo VS CCS
7:14 What Is Needed To Accelerate V2G?
8:14 V2L
8:49 ID. Buzz
9:11 Intermediary Steps

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