This Tesla Contender is Building EVs... And Theme Parks?!

The VF8 may look like just another electric car but delve a little deeper and you quickly discover that Vinfast, the company behind this car, is on a serious and scarily ambitious mission.

Worldwide, Vingroup may not be a familiar name but in Vietnam Vingroup’s influence touches almost every part of everyday life – from building cities, schools, Artificial Intelligence, hospitals and now electric cars…

With plans to launch the VF8 and VF9 in the US and Europe, a myriad of partnerships and a novel battery leasing model, the question is not only can they do it, but why bother?!

Imogen went to Vietnam to find out.


0:00 Introduction and dried noodles
0:52 Why even bother?!
1:30 Building an empire
2:35 The CEO wants to be top
3:17 DisneyLand?!
4:30 Crypto and NFTs?
6:08 Swamp to Factory – a timeline on steroids
7:17 A bid to go global!
8:27 Sceptics and Iron Man
9:04 Inflation Reduction Act – a massive headache?
10:40 Battery Leasing?
11:58 Back to the noodles and concluding thoughts

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