THIS Is Why the Polestar 4 Beats the Tesla Model Y!

In this episode, we travel to Madrid to test drive the much-anticipated Polestar 4.

However, while it’s decked out with many features (including V2G!), it’s missing a crucial element: a rear windscreen! Imogen gets behind the wheel to ask the question: why does this Swedish hunk with its whopping great big battery warrant your attention?

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0:00 Polestar 4 or Platform 9 and 3/4?!
0:51 No windscreen?!
2:22 Price and a few stats
4:52 Exterior review
6:39 Fear not dog owners!
7:04 Charging speed and V2G
7:50 Platform and sustainability
8:56 Efficiency, range and batteries
9:55 Interior Review
10:50 Backseat test  chauffeur driven?!
12:34 Thoughts?!

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