THIS is How to Speed Up The Heat Pump Rollout

Could a shared network of ground source heat pumps be the solution to decarbonising millions of UK homes? Is the solution literally beneath our feet?

Imogen and the team went to Stithians in Cornwall to talk to Kensa Utilities about their Heat the Streets project and how they’re helping to tackle the climate crisis through networked ground source heat pumps and funded arrays. These networks are being proposed as an alternative to the gas grid for rural and urban areas across the UK.

Find out more about the project.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 How heating is essential to our lives
1:04 Utilising the heat below the ground
1:59 The Heat the Streets project
2:18 What is a ground source heat pump?
2:59 An array of heat pumps
3:55 The infrastructure
4:42 Kensa’s factory
5:26 Challenges during the project
5:56 What does this all mean for the residents?
7:49 Hopes for the future

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