This Electric Car is RUBBISH!

Imogen and Robert followed the journey of @EnvisionRacing’s Formula E Car made entirely of e-waste (electronic waste).

They discovered just how many critical raw materials are hoarded in drawers or thrown away to end up in landfill. Recycling vapes in the UK alone could equate to many MWh of battery capacity or thousands of Teslas.

Robert visited Lazerian Studios to understand how designer Liam Hopkins went about creating this masterpiece, whilst Imogen met with Actor and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador @AidanGallagher and @mit’s Professor Carlo Ratti to find out what Corporations should be doing to stem the flow of e-waste to reduce the overall amount of mining we need to make electric vehicles, EV batteries and consumer electronics in the future.

Does this mark the start of Urban Mining?! @UNEP @FIAFormulaE

Lazerian Studios 


0:00 $62.5 billion of e-waste
0:56 A rubbish electric car
1:43 How was it made?
3:40 A very familiar face…
4:35 Vapes and Teslas
7:04 Where does e-waste go?
8:55 E Waste Recyclers
10:10 The corporations need to change 11:16 Trash = treasure?!

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