The VW ID. Buzz Is The Antidote To POINTLESS SUVs

Jack heads to Denmark to test the production version of VW’s long-awaited electric Bulli: the ID. Buzz.

To the untrained eye, it may just look like a funky van but the Buzz is much more than that: it’s the most versatile EV you can buy right now and, more importantly, the cure for the sea of bloated, poorly packaged SUV that clog up our streets.

Check out the video to find out why!


0:00 The cure!
1:28 A big happy face
3:49 Das boot
4:43 A very orange interior
7:11 Out on the road
11:52 Back seat Jack test
13:29 A FREAKY feature
16:42 The less good stuff…
17:51 The price…
20:10 Final thoughts?

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