The TINY Cheap Electric Car You Actually Want!

Jack heads to Turin to do battle with Northern Italian traffic in one of the most hotly anticipated new cars of the year – except it isn’t really a car at all. The latest creation of the inventor of the folding kick scooter, the Microlino is half microcar, half fashion statement on wheels, and one of the most joyous vehicles we’ve ever featured on the channel.

Think cars are getting too big and too serious? Take a look at this.


0:00 Ciao!
1:07 Recognise the badge?
2:38 Exterior walkaround
5:34 Jack vs Turin
7:43 Charging and construction
8:57 Making friends
11:35 Interior and boot
16:51 It’s a driver’s car??
19:51 Sustainability at its core
21:07 Final thoughts?

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