The City with 16,000 Electric Buses & 22,000 Electric Taxis

Elliot visits the inspirational city of Shenzhen to find out how they are driving the transition to electric with thousands of electric buses and electric taxis.

This episode is overflowing with positivity as Elliot visits a world-leading city in which the drive to go electric has resulted in 16,000 electric buses and 22,000 electric taxis. The commitment to convert is simply astounding with incredibly well thought out infrastructure and facilities to support the switch to electric. Elliot finds that not only is the air cleaner, but people are happier and the services are significantly improved.

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0:00 Leading cities
0:42 Fully Charged CITIES
1:10 Shining Shenzhen
2:14 16,000 electric buses
3:34 Bus & taxi live data
3:56 Impressive stats
4:44 1 million miles a day
5:33 Buses fully electric in 2017
5:53 Electric taxis by 2018
6:27 Night time charging
7:24 New double decker
7:53 Bus tour
8:37 New routes
9:16 180 depots
9:42 Electric benefits
10:41 Low maintenance
11:54 Taxis!
12:20 Massage?
12:49 Stats & facts
13:24 Camera safety
14:02 Charge & re-charge
15:33 Easy electric
16:47 What’s next?
17:33 Move to public transport
17:50 Subscribe, support, join
18:44 Sustainable city
19:06 Sunny Dundee
19:30 California dreaming
20:16 Newcastle solar
20:48 Tell us more!

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