Tesla Model S & X Refresh, Biden Coup & Toyota Punished

Robert’s back with his take on some of the recent news stories including the Biden coup on going electric and why Tesla are still leaders of the pack.

In this news episode Robert responds to a Fully Charged podcast that upset Tesla ultras and an article that upset ardent Anti-Tesla haters. We can’t win, so we’ll just be ourselves.

He also looks at fantastically positive reports of bumper electric car sales across the world and support from the Biden administration to accelerate the transition to electric. Tesla are unsurprisingly leading the pack, and has announced refreshes of the Model S & Model X.

Sadly, its not all positive and the on-going actions of Toyota and their tailpipe emissions provoke a decent rant mid-episode which we know you enjoy. Plus, could a shortage of semi-conductors be the big stealth story of 2021, and could it hold back EV production?

Links to news stories


0:00 Subscribe…please!
0:41 1 million magic
1:30 Blog explained
2:15 Podcast fury
3:13 Freedom of speech
3:37 A bit Trumpy!
4:00 Need to debate
4:26 Renault Zoe sales
5:16 EV sales doubled
5:51 Semi-conductor shortage
7:43 Biden’s big (EV) changes
9:09 Toyota’s tailpipes
10:14 Pleading guilty
11:30 Worst fuel efficiency
12:16 Leader of the pack
12:20 Model S & X refresh
13:09 Tesla driving modes
14:04 Space balls
14:59 Over 400 miles!
15:33 Spectacular sales
16:31 Stop faffing
16:52 Thank you!

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