Tesla Model 3 – Is the world's best-selling EV even better?

The Tesla Model 3 has been rebooted for 2021 and Robert took it out for a drive to see how it compares.

We know Robert loves his Tesla Model 3 (long range model), but what will he think of the new 2021 upgraded version?

The Tesla Model 3 SR (standard range) Plus has had an upgrade and is packed full of new features, both inside and out, from modified tires to new phone charging pods. We made sure Robert took it out on the road to see how it compares to his Model 3. What’s the verdict?


0:00  Absolutely packed with features!
0:51  New year facelift
1:46  New feature run down
2:15  That’s all we have time for..
2:34  ….not really!
3:00  Off for a drive
3:17  First impressions
3:55   Battery mystery
4:20  Range comparisons
4:54  Handling differences
5:07   Nice interior
5:59  Heating triumph
6:30  (Heat) pump it up
6:55  Most efficient Tesla?
8:16  Physics lesson
9:06  Modestly better
9:22  More Tesla talk
9:51  No. 1 selling car
10:12  Compact Tesla?
10:45  Absolutely brilliant
10:58  Supercharging
11:20  Conclusions
12:11  Subscribe, support, join

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