Sono Sion – the Super Cheap Solar Powered Car Is Finally Here!

Could this new Sono Sion solar powered car be the electric vehicle that allows the masses to make the switch?

Who wants a cheap, simple EV that charges itself by the sun? Oh and you also want some moss on the dashboard? Well, you’re in luck.

The new, production-ready Sono Sion is finally here. A year on from his visit to Sono HQ in Munich, Jack explains everything that’s changed with this new final version and why you should be so excited about it.


0:00 Quick question
1:06 Who is Sono?
2:34 Final version: what’s changed?
3:13 Solar, solar, solar
4:12 Regular car, regular price
5:37 All the stats
6:59 Simple but spacious
8:54 A-mossing dash
9:20 Production details
9:43 Party piece
11:18 EV solar bus kit
12:18 What do you think?

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