Solar Roof Tiles – should every building generate its own power?

Robert travels a long way to see a roof, but it’s no ordinary roof. This roof is made entirely from solar roof tiles!

Yes, it’s a roof, but it’s no ordinary roof. This roof that Robert has come to see is made up from 900 solar tiles! These tiles deliver all the benefits of solar, but without the aesthetic compromise of huge panels added onto your roof that require systems and structures to manage the weight and connections. Surely all buildings should have solar?


0:00 Invisible Solar
1:21 World’s Most Popular Roof Tile
2:37 Less Transportation Required
3:16 Popular with Self-Builders
4:19 Retrofitting Existing Housing Stock
4:58 Comparison with Solar Panels
6:42 Possibilities for Community Solar
8:00 What’s the Cost Differential?
9:50 Comparison with Tesla Tiles
11:10 Time for the Building Industry to integrate Solar Tiles
11:50 In Summary
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