Shanghai Motor Show Part 2 – watch the World's carmakers converge on China

In part two of his report from the Shanghai Motor Show, Elliot explores the many concept, pre-production and production ready EVs on display.

In part 2 of his report from the Shanghai Motor Show, Elliot explores the weird, wacky and wonderful EVs on display from well established automakers down to new companies dipping their toe in the EV market. As well as the jaw-dropping concept cars and pre-production models, there are plenty of production ready vehicles ready to start taking orders and even the first BEV offering from Toyota. It’s not all cars though, there are electric and hydrogen trucks and lorries on display and even Xpeng’s UAV which has been 8 years in the making.

Yes there are crazy cars in bubblegum pink with irrelevant TikTok apps installed, but there is also a seriously impressive amount of unbelievable tech and cutting edge EVs showing an exciting future on the horizon.


0:00 Part 2!
0:37 Audi A6 e-tron
1:40 Audi Q2L 30 e-tron
3:12 Audi Concept Shanghai
4:01 Beijing Radiance Concept
5:00 SAIC IM L7
7:36 SAIC IM LS7
8:30 Leap Motors SO1
9:45 Leap Motors TO3
11:23 Hydrogen lorry
12:19 SAIC H6 490
13:14 Nissan Ariya
13:39 Roewe Clever
15:34 Roewe Marvel R
18:14 Toyota BZ 4X
20:00 NETA V
22:23 NETA S Concept
23:00 Xpeng P5
25:30 Xpeng UAV
26:37 Cadillac Lyriq
28:07 Hongchi 1
29:31 Hongchi 5
30:41 That’s all folks!

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