Shanghai Motor Show Part 1 – watch the World's carmakers converge on China

In part one of his report from the Shanghai Motor Show Elliot checks out the latest offerings from Ora, Hyundai and BYD amongst others.

So much on show at Shanghai that we had to split this into 2 eye-popping episodes. Pt.2 follows in 48 hrs. Elliot walked the halls, and talked til hoarse, in an effort to bring the best coverage of the biggest Motor Show of 2021. We hope to be visiting the Munich Motor Show in September, but it struck us just how many of the World’s carmakers are converging on China. Sure, there are lots of Chinese carmakers, but it’s telling that the likes of GM, Hyundai, Kia, Tesla, Toyota & VW are building cars and batteries, and selling the end product there too.


0:00 Introduction
1:10 ORA Haomao & CyberSpace
4:13 ORA Punk Cat
4:33 ORA Lightening Cat
5:09 MG Cyberster
6:24 VW ID.6 X
8:21 VW ID.4 X
9:19 Wuling Mini EV
10:19 Crazy designs
11:37 Wuling Cabrio
13:03 Zeekr 001
15:10 KIA EV6 GT
16:24 BYD EA1
17:31 BAIC Group Arcfox aT
18:49 Arcfox aS
19:14 BMW Vision M Next
20:08 Hans Zimmer score
20:38 BYD Concept
21:43 JAC Sihao E10X
23:57 Hyundai Ioniq 5
28:32 Coming up – Pt 2

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