POLESTAR PRECEPT – World Exclusive In-depth Walkaround

We were lucky enough to get an early sneak peek of the phenomenal Polestar Precept the day before it went on show to the masses at Goodwood Festival of Speed. One word – wow!

This is the concept car that Polestar revealed in February 2020 and the design has proved so popular they’ve decided to make this car and get it out onto the roads. Some of the features in the model Jack was lucky to look around won’t make it to production (charging strip lights and central door opening – we’re looking at you) but most of what we can see on the outside is how the finished car will look.

The Precept is a high-end, sporty, family sedan which is both luxurious, yet sustainable using materials including recycled bottles and flax. Great thought has gone into tweaks to the user interface to make the driver’s experience both easier and safer. It’s a serious car with purpose and quite frankly blew us away.

Jack was also treated to a speed lap in never seen before experimental Polestar 2 prototype with motorsport upgrades, and managed to hold on to his breakfast.


0:00 Welcome to Goodwood
1:45 Wow
2:20 Concept to Precept
3:01 First impressions
3:44 Striking front
5:05 Flax fibre
5:30 Side view
6:16 Sharp edges
6:36 Interesting rear end
7:31 Charging status LED
8:10 Into the inside
8:42 Another level infotainment
9:48 Sustainable materials
11:40 Super secret Polestar prototype
13:55 Subscribe, support, join

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