POLESTAR 2 Long Range & TESLA MODEL 3 Long Range

Robert and Jack go on an adventure in a Polestar 2 Long Range and a Tesla Model 3 Long Range to find out which is the best car for an EV road trip.

In his debut episode for Fully Charged Jack Scarlett joins Robert in Wales to see which of these two popular electric cars is best suited for a road trip.

Now, we’re not going to do a straight comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and the Polestar 2, that has been done a million times before, but in a world where the ‘Staycation’ is the new form of holiday, we’re keen to find out which of these impressive cars is better for an EV road trip.

Driving the long range models of both the Tesla and the Polestar there’s no doubt that both cars are at the top of the desirable EV list, but could the Tesla supercharging network allow the Model 3 to take the lead?


0:00 Hello young man
1:39 Two lovely cars
2:44 White seat worries
5:08 Oh so quiet
5:32 Tesla love/hate
6:33 Best electric car in the world
7:03 Subtle differences
8:00 Road-tripping
9:03 Please no sheep!
9:46 Rear-view Robert
10:17 One pedal driving
11:43 Range & charging
14:00 Jack’s choice?
14:50 Super charging edge
16:17 Better cameras?
17:47 Happy ghost
18:13 Hard to say no

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