Peugeot e2008 – how does it compare to other compact SUVs?

Robert takes the Peugeot e2008 out for a drive but what will his verdict be when comparing this to other compact SUVs available?

The Peugeot e2008 certainly looks the part, but how does it compare to the other compact SUV electric cars on the market? It’s beautifully made and easy to drive, but for a car with a usable battery of 45kWh you might expect a better real world range than this offers. The inside is comfortable and it has a decent boot but it lacks a reversing camera and has some quirky internal lights that look flashy, but are a bit distracting. The e2008 is a decent effort, but in an increasingly crowded market for compact SUVs, does it do enough? You tell us!


0:00  Introduction
0:50  Another compact SUV?
2:50  A good looking car
3:44  Don’t dither, get the electric
5:39  Comfortable inside
5:56  Distracting lights
6:49  Inaccurate range stats
7:34  Peculiar software quirks
8:40  Where is the trip meter?
9:18  Speed stats
10:34  Nice big boot
11:17  No reversing camera!
11:52  GT features come at a price
13:13  Flashy but lacking range
13:48  Charging demo
15:52  Not blown away
16:14  Lean factor
17:40  Fossil fuel hangover
18:20  Don’t love it, don’t hate it
18:38  Subscribe, support, join

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