NIU – Is this the Tesla of Electric Scooters?

Andy takes a NIU electric scooter out for a ride to see if this two-wheeled transport option could tempt people out of their cars in this brand new episode.

Niu scooters are currently the best selling scooters in the world – and they are electric! Designed for an urban environment, this Niu GTS-Pro is not built for high speeds or long ranges, but it has enough of both to make it the perfect electric solution for commuting and last mile deliveries. The scooter has two batteries, both of which can be removed to be charged anywhere making charging easy but not the fastest. It comes with an app and some cool tech which allows users to see how the scooter performs as well as locate it and turn it on remotely.

It might not be the fastest two-wheeled electric vehicle, or have the biggest range, but it’s comfortable, enjoyable to ride, nippy and lets face it, it looks pretty cool!


0.00  Intro
1:18  650,000 sold globally
1:47  Stats & specs
2:23  Double kickstand
3:12  Three riding modes
4:19  Auto e-save mode
5:29  Off we go
5:58  Quick lesson
7:03  Nipping around town
7:33  Decent acceleration
8:10  Brakes a bit too good?
8:50  Good, clear screen
9:42  Sound of silence
10:22  Power output
10:49  Two batteries
11:26  Easy charging
13:14  Room for two
14:08  Cool tech & app
15:25  Step away from the scooter!
16:22  Easy rider
17:32  Enough speed, enough range
18:10  Subscribe, support, join

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