NIO ET7 Sneak Peek – '600' mile saloon revealed

Elliot was lucky enough to attend an exclusive preview of the NIO ET7 and see if this new luxury saloon car lives up to the hype!

Could the new ET7 be NIO’s most significant car? We sent Elliot along to an exclusive preview to see if their first super luxury electric saloon car lives up to the hype.

Yes it’s another big car from NIO, but it looks the business with a smooth, sleek and simple design. With an option for a whopping 150kWh battery that gives a range of over 600 miles, this Chinese sedan is poised to take on rivals including the Tesla Model S. Like the ES8, the ET7 can use NIO’s innovative battery swap system enabling a 0-100% charge in 3 minutes.

It might not be coming until early 2022, but legacy automakers should start worrying now as this elegant and powerful car could prove incredibly popular.


0:00 Exclusive preview
0:57 Big, big battery
1:35 ET 7 facts
2:12 Battery swap
2:45 All the glass
3:13 Truly connected
3:52 No door handles
4:40 Pure design
6:24 Refinement process
7:50 Believe the hype
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