NIO ES6 First Drive

Elliot takes the NIO ES6 out for a drive to see if this SUV could be successful if it comes to Europe.

Last year we reviewed the NIO ES8, with it’s battery swapping technology, and now we are looking at the ES6 model that NIO hope to bring to Europe. The ES6 has been designed as NIO’s mass market product and is currently the second best selling EV in China. It’s cheaper than the ES8 and has had tweaks to the design to appeal more to European customers.

It’s a big car, but could it be too big for European cities and do we need another luxury SUV? Elliot takes the ES6 for a spin to find out if this EV from NIO could trump legacy automakers and be successful outside China.


0:00  Introduction
1:27  Mass market model
1:40  2nd best selling EV
1:49  ES6 vs ES8
2:16  No big mouths
2:27  Refined at the back
2:41  Whopping boot
3:04  Less seats, cheaper price
3:27  It’s BIG!
3:48  Pointless but impressive
4:00  Subtly luxurious
4:29  Head banging
4:56  Nobbly buttons
5:18  No frills in the back
5:55  Full glass roof
6:09  Another luxury SUV?
6:39  Alfred the dog
7:05  Electric motors
7:29  Battery pack
7:48  Perfect for Chinese city
8:15  Wallowy corners
8:21  Parking problems
8:44  Too big for cities?
9:12  Legacy trumping
9:40  Subscribe, support, join

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