Robert caught up with former Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg to find out everything you wanted to know about the new Extreme-E racing but were too afraid to ask!

Nico’s Extreme-E team, Rosberg Xtreme Racing, is currently leading the championship but the focus goes beyond racing, it’s about raising awareness of climate change by selecting race locations in countries which have seen the most damage. It’s a sport that seeks to promote equality and inspire action, practising what it preaches with cars powered by local renewables, a ship to transport the teams between races and both male and female drivers on each team.


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0:29 Introduction
1:52 Welcome Nico!
2:24 Top of the board
3:03 Extreme-E explained
4:23 Super ship
5:47 Powered locally
7:40 Bit of a dude
8:09 Nico vs Lewis
8:42 Environment & equality
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