Mercedes EQS Sneak Peek – Does this luxury electric vehicle live up to the hype?

Could the Mercedes EQS be the electric car of Robert’s dreams? Watch this exclusive to find out.

Spectacular and utterly remarkable.

We were lucky enough to get exclusive access to the Mercedes EQS and it’s safe to say that Robert was blown away by this futuristic, luxury electric saloon. Yes its very expensive, but it’s packed with next level technology, has a staggering range and an interior worthy of the rich and famous.

Most of us will never have the opportunity to lease or own this jaw-dropping car, but we can all still admire and understand what an incredible achievement this is for Mercedes. It’s off the scale amazing.


0:00 Got the keys
1:07 Super exclusive
2:07 Next level technology
2:45 Near miss
3:35 Love at first sit
4:16 Boot boasts
4:48 Easy charger
5:28 Heads up heaven
6:48 Styling mystery
7:20 Sunroof mishap
8:00 Plain sailing
8:46 Range
9:30 Energy consumption
10:43 Chauffeur training
11:15 Mind-blowing back
13:02 What does it cost?
13:47 Luxury saloon
15:06 Not an SUV
15:40 Super slippy
16:19 Charging options
17:22 Hand snapping
18:02 Clever flap
18:48 I want this one!
20:04 Amazing
20:27 Subscribe, support, join

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