Meet the world's greenest football club – Gary Neville's solar panels and a Stadium made of wood??

Robert heads to Gloucestershire to meet what could be the world’s greenest football club.

Tucked away in the Gloucestershire Hills one tiny football club is making one almighty impact on the world of sport. Today the club is home to an extensive vegan menu, a pesticide free pitch, solar panels, electric vehicle charging, a wind turbine and countless other low carbon initiatives.

Watched by 3.5 billion people across the world, should football set the standard for sustainability in sport? Robert met the Forest Green Rovers team to find out and to see how they’re reaching their ambitious climate goals!


0:00 You’re going to be eating hummus next season!
0:27 World’s greenest football club
1:31 Creating a green football club
2:23 Promotion!
3:21 Vegan grass!?
4:02 Rainwater capture
4:31 Gary Neville’s solar panels?
5:44 Battery powered LED boards
6:27 Stadium made of wood?
8:18 Eco homes
9:39 Easier to do than you think!
10:14 Robert’s concluding thoughts
11:38 Fully Charged Live USA!

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