Mazda MX-30 First Drive – Does it have a Perfectly Sized Battery?

Robert takes the Mazda MX-30 out for a drive and gives his verdict on this first, all electric car from Mazda.

The Mazda MX30 is a practical, straightforward and impressive compact SUV with everything you would expect from a well-made car by Mazda. There is just one small question mark, and it is small, the battery. Mazda’s first all-electric ground up car comes with one 35.5 kWh battery option which seems unusual for a car of this size. The smaller, lighter battery does however bring down this EV down into a lower price bracket, but also means it has a lower range. But does Mazda’s reasoning about using a smaller battery to reduce overall CO2 make sense? And much more importantly, how many random sound effects can Robert make while adjusting his seat?


0:00  Electric Car in the Rain
0:46  A Quick Introduction
1:53  Cabin Familiarisation
3:15  Let’s Go for a Drive
5:30  Deliberately Small Battery
7:57  What’s the Range?
10:55  Robert’s Regen Fetish
12:30  Interior Footage & Head-Up Display
14:15  How well will this sell?
15:06  In Summary
17:13  Subscribe & Support

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