Making the most of your energy and your battery

Find out how to make the most of your energy and your battery when driving electric in the next episode of our Electric Moments series with LeasePlan.

Robert and Jack explain how driving electric is different and how you can get the most out of your electric vehicle in this new Electric Moments episode with LeasePlan.

Range is confusing and factors such as the weather, the temperature and the road gradient will all have an affect on the range that is achievable. As a long time EV driver Robert has some helpful driving tips to maximise efficiency and get the best range possible.

If you’re considering an electric car, the best thing to do is try one! You can also use LeasePlan’s tool to quickly find out if an electric vehicle is right for you.

As a global leasing company, LeasePlan manage nearly two million vehicles across more than 30 countries and have over five decades of experience to draw on. This gives them the ability to make a real difference to the world – and they are seizing the opportunity by putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

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