MACH-E First Drive – Is the Mustang the dark horse in the race against Tesla?

Robert takes the impressive Mustang Mach-E for a drive, but how will it’s ‘horse’ power compare to other high end EVs?

Fully Charged is the channel, for every Electric Vehicle, and this is the hotly anticipated Mustang Mach-E from Ford. Is this a dark horse in the race against Tesla? You tell us…


0:00 Epic introduction
1:30 EV Giveaway
1:44 Horsing around
2:36 Oh yes
3:03 LA streets
3:33 Ground-up design
4:35 Mustang features
4:56 And, go!
5:30 Energy stats
7:23 Super sensors
7:40 Beautiful rear end
8:30 Classic Mustang lights
9:25 Simple, roomy interior
9:56 Fashion stitching
10:59 Physical knob
11:37 Two flavours
12:34 Real range
13:34 Clever software
14:06 Best back seats
15:43 One-pedal driving
17:08 Charging
17:30 Little glitches
18:24 Jacked up sound
19:22 Bit of a faff

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