Lightyear 0 FIRST DRIVE – The Electric Car Reinvented?!

In a long-awaited UK exclusive, Jack drives the virtually production-ready Lightyear 0 – a vehicle like no other.

Adorned by 5 square metres and boasting a hyper-efficient powertrain, could this remarkable EV trigger a much needed rethink in how we design electric cars?


0:00 A very Spanish intro
2:10 What is it?
5:06 Stat attack
7:43 First drive
10:00 Why does efficiency matter?
11:02 We almost got arrested
12:30 The REAL efficiency figure
13:01 How they did it
14:20 The party trick
16:20 The longest coast
17:22 More efficiency tricks
19:01 Concluding thoughts?

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