Leap T03 – The £8,000 Electric Car Taking China By Storm

Elliot takes the Leap T03 for a drive to see why this cheap ev is taking China by storm in this new episode.

Unlike the European market where cheap, basic electric cars continue to be about as common as rocking horse poo, the Chinese market is positively spoiled with them. In fact, there are now so many different new EVs on sale in China for less than the equivalent of £10,000 that it’s actually becoming quite tricky to stand out in that segment (which is a lovely problem to have!).

But one new supermini has quickly established itself as a new favourite with Chinese buyers: the T03 from Leapmotor. Does this new EV, starting at the equivalent of just over £8,000, represent the perfect sweet spot where cheap meets cheerful? We sent our Chinese correspondent Elliot to find out.

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