Is This Robot Apple’s Most Important Device Yet?

Robert visits an Apple facility to find out more about iPhone recycling and meets their Robot, Daisy, in action

If the 2.24 billion iPhones sold worldwide could be recycled, could Apple stop mining new materials?!

The team developing Daisy, the company’s recycling robot, certainly hopes so. In fact, Apple has committed to offering iPhones with 100% recycled cobalt by 2025 and wants to get as much materials currently sitting in retired devices back into the global supply chain.


0:00 Robert’s at an Apple Facility
0:31 Recycling electronic waste
1:22 Meet Daisy!
2:08 23 models vs the robots
3:57 Reducing the need for mining
5:58 Bash out the battery
6:53 100% recycled cobalt
8:08 Punch out the screws
9:10 Open source recycling
10:15 Sorting the modules
11:10 100% recycled material?
11:57 Make it last longer
12:15 Feed Daisy!

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