Inside Northvolt – Scandinavia's 'Gigafactory'

Robert speaks to the CEO of Northvolt to find out how they are transforming the way batteries are made in this new episode.

To enable the electric vehicle market to continue to grow, the production of batteries needs to accelerate to meet the demand. Robert was delighted to speak to Peter Carlsson, CEO of Northvolt, to find out how this company that only began in 2017 are transforming the way batteries are made.

Northvolt’s mission is to both create the world’s greenest battery and then also to be able to mass produce this and establish one of Europe’s largest battery factories. Building batteries isn’t easy and Peter explains how looking at the location and availability of energy led them to Sweden and why reducing the carbon footprint of the battery manufacturing process is as important as making the batteries cost effective. What Northvolt are doing in terms of battery production is groundbreaking and we can’t wait to be able to visit their factory for a future episode!

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