Can The US Really Win The Electric Vehicle Race?!

In August 2022, President Joe Biden passed the Inflation Reduction Act (aka IRA) into law earmarking a staggering $369 billion dollars for emissions cutting measures.

The extensive incentives, such as $7500 worth of tax rebates for new EVs, millions of investment for domestic battery assembly and raw material sourcing mean that over the past year the IRA has had the effect of altering the tectonic plates of clean energy transition geopolitics.

In this episode we explore, through the medium of cake (yes, really cake) the impact it’s having on supply chains, how China, Europe and Car companies have responded and whether it’s enough to make a dent in the US’ emissions.

Enjoy this whistle stop tour!


0:00 Introduction
0:33 Cake and EVs
1:31 What is the IRA?
2:39 Money on the table
3:08 What’s the impact?
3:27 Battery ingredients
4:06 Foreign Entities of Concern
5:37 Canada
6:58 Battery Star Bakers
7:39 How has Europe Responded?
9:07 Battery Belt
10:21 Will it survive a Republican Administration?
10:54 Is it working?
12:04 A kick up the bum

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