Hyundai Kona vs Ioniq 5: Which one is right for you?

Jack reviews the Kona vs the Ioniq 5 to see if there really is a Hyundai option for everyone in this new episode.

The Ioniq 5 is one of the best new cars of the year, and one of the best family cars on sale today – electric or otherwise. But it does pose a slightly awkward question: does it render its sibling, the Kona, slightly redundant? Is there still a place for the Kona in an Ioniq world, and if so, where? In this video we compare the two cars and look to understand the unique use case for each.

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0:00 Nice & nicer
1:32 Not direct rivals
2:03 Ioniq 5 drive
3:18 Kona drive
4:25 Kona facelift
5:16 Spectacular design
6:06 Power comparisons
7:54 Superior interiors?
9:11 Jack’s back seat test
10:38 Cabin fever
12:44 Big old boot
13:44 Ow!
14:37 Ioniq imperfections
15:58 Concluding thoughts

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