How Norway KILLED the Petrol Car

How has Norway has so successfully killed the petrol car. With 83% of new cars sold being electric, what has been done so right?

Jack heads to the EV capital of the world to find out about Norway’s electric car culture. With over 80% of new cars sold being pure EVs, Norway is miles ahead of the rest of the world as far as EV uptake goes. So how has this been achieved? What can the rest of us learn from what is being done right in Norway? And where do the ’80s synth band A-Ha! fit into all of this??


0:00 The EV capital of the world
1:43 Meet Paxster, pride of Norway!
2:46 The car that started it all
3:46 EVs in Norway: the numbers
5:01 A surprise in a creepy cave…
7:36 How to fix home charging
9:36 The A-Ha! story
12:12 Nio and the Chinese invasion
13:00 Government legislation done right!
14:55 It’s not just about cars…
15:32 And it’s not just about transport!
16:48 What hurdles remain?
18:29 What have we learned?

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