How best to lease electric cars – everything you need to know

Robert heads to LeasePlan to find out everything you need to know if you want to lease an electric car and why employers might want to go electric for future company cars.

Whilst the cost of electric cars are definitely coming down, for many people, leasing is the most affordable way to go electric.

In this episode Robert speaks to Matthew Walters from LeasePlan to find out why employers and employees might benefit if company cars were to become electric. If you’re baffled by phrases like ‘benefit in kind’ and confused by the taxation costs of EVs, then hopefully we might be able to help answer some of your questions.

With more leasing options available and competitive rates for both businesses and individuals, now could be the perfect time to make the switch to electric.

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0:00 Makes (EV leasing) sense
2:16 Can’t afford an EV!
2:53 Benefit in kind explained
4:16 EV taxation
5:19 Salary sacrifice
6:33 Energy rates
7:13 Tires & screen wash
8:07 Individual leasing
9:25 Risk limitation
11:42 Don’t buy new
12:56 Increase the lease
14:10 EV 2nd hand market
14:49 Battery re-use
15:59 Battery degradation
16:45 EV future
17:33 EV road tax
19:31 Road usage
20:25 Company charging
22:25 Learnt stuff?
22:56 Subscribe, support, join

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