HONDA e – Is this the ultimate Urban Electric Car?

Rory Reid takes the Honda E out for a drive in its natural urban habitat in this brand new episode.

It’s retro alright, but it’s also built for the modern world. We have featured the Honda E before, but this is the first time we’ve been able to try it out in its natural urban habitat. One thing is for sure, it is a beautiful car with a smooth and simple design that turns heads wherever it goes. Despite being compact, it’s surprisingly still a 5 door, and offers up some notable extra features including cameras for wing mirrors and a panoramic glass sunroof. For a premium compact car though, the battery and range are also small in comparison to other similar-sized EVs. It’s fun to drive and a great little city car, but is the Honda E the ultimate urban EV? If not, which one is?


0:00  Introduction
1:31   Honda E Advance
1:58  Honda E walkaround
4:14  The ‘battery’ elephant in the room
4:35  How does it compare to similar EVs?
5:08  But what’s the real range?
5:34  How does it drive?
6:21  Turning circle magic
7:55  Lets talk about charging
9:10  No bumpy ride
10:46  Impressive interior
11:02  So many screens
13:00  Voice assistant feature
14:29  Back seat driving
15:10  Pretty small boot
15:50  Conclusions – a great little city car

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