Franchise Your Own Electric Car Factory!

Is this the approach we’ve been waiting for?! Starting a car company is risky, it’s expensive, complex and the barriers to success are huge. In the last few years we’ve seen countless electric car startups struggle. So what makes this one any different? Meet Helixx, a tiny flat pack, lego like van that can be built anywhere in the world, by anyone!

This revolutionary approach brings a McDonalds franchise model to the world of manufacturing and we’re interested to see it unfold. In this episode, Robert takes this cute little van for a spin and finds out more!


0:00 Could this be the answer?!
1:14 The McDonalds of mobility?
2:32 Super simple design
3:20 Small but mighty
3:46 Factory in a box
4:32 Swappable batteries
5:48 Central mission control
6:29 No more smelly vehicles
7:26 25 Cents an hour!!!
8:20 Helixx subscriptions
9:06 The chance of success?!

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