Your Next [INSERT ANYTHING] Is Electric!

What do you get when you mix an electric motor, some batteries and a bit of engineering know-how?! Well it turns out, basically anything! In this episode we meet Justin, founder and CEO of Vancouver based Grin Technologies to see the breadth of electric things he’s creating.

From boats, bikes, skateboards, penny farthings, wheelbarrows – yes wheelbarrows – he’s electrified them all!

And better yet, he’s sharing his tips and tricks and creating a load of really useful tools to help other people electrify their stuff. We only skimmed the surface of what Grin Technologies are up to, so do check out their channel for more from Justin!


0:00 Intro
1:02 What is Grin Technologies
1:53 Don’t see that everyday…
3:36 Penny farthing?
4:45 Electric wheelbarrow???
5:44 Weird contraptions for the masses?!
6:55 A community worth pushing for
7:38 Uni cycle
9:00 Even a sail boat propeller!
10:56 Grin reminds us… to just have some fun

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