Fully Charged LIVE lands in 3 locations in 2021

Whilst we’re not writing off 2020 yet, we thought we would give Fully Charged fans around the world something to look forward to with Fully Charged LIVE .

Fully Charged is watched in almost 200 countries around the world, and we love meeting fans of clean energy & electric vehicles wherever they are.

So after the huge successes of Fully Charged LIVE in the UK and the US, we would like to call all of our friends from across Europe to join us in the biggest exhibition of clean energy and electric vehicles that continent has ever seen.

And as well as LIVE sessions, we will have every clean energy solution under the sun, and an incredible array of electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from scooters and bikes, to ships and buses, and of course cars.

Tickets for all three LIVE shows are available here; we are incredibly excited about seeing you in 2021.

And yes, we are looking at adding at least one more LIVE event in 2022!

For enquiries on exhibiting or sponsoring at Fully Charged LIVE Europe, email Europe@FullyCharged.Show

For enquiries on Fully Charged LIVE North America or other opportunities, email Commercial@FullyCharged.Show

Additional footage courtesy of Bryan Roschetzky.

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