Fully Charged LIVE 2019

Launch of Fully Charged LIVE 2019.

It’s back and this summer Fully Charged LIVE (7th, 8th & 9th June at Silverstone) will be BETTER, BIGGER & BUSIER. The great news is that profits generated from ticket sales to Fully Charged LIVE, will in fact go back into funding more Fully Charged episodes. We have tripled our investment in Fully Charged LIVE and while sponsors/exhibitors are bearing the biggest load, our ticketing pricing structure has changed. Tickets for the Friday and Sunday are less, or the same, as last year respectively, while Saturday is slightly more expensive due to additional content and a longer duration. Multi-day tickets are available too, but they are at a higher rate than in 2018. Patreons get their first two tickets at a significantly reduced rate; additional tickets are charged at the standard rate. More information on Fully Charged LIVE including an FAQ section can be found at www.FullyChargedShow.co.uk Tickets are also available via the Fully Charged website – Robert, Jonny, Helen, Maddie and the rest of the Fully Charged team are really excited about seeing you at Silverstone.