FLIR T1K thermal camera

Dr Helen Czerski uses the FLIR camera at Fully Charged LIVE 2019 to look at EV vs ICE vehicles to see how much energy is wasted.

Dr Helen Czerski reports from Fully Charged Show Live 2019, where she used the amazing FLIR T1K HD thermal imaging camera to look beneath the surface and see how much energy is wasted on electric car efficiency vs petrol or diesel.

Helen takes a colourful and unusual look around FC Live 2019 and see’s what’s really going on, with the aid of this very illuminating device. EV efficiency, electric cars battery heat… there’s no hiding how much energy is wasted, even on a Tesla Model S!

We’re also very pleased to have contributions from one of our Fully Charged Show hero’s, Dr Euan McTurk of Plug Life Television, who provides extra content for this episode in the form of interesting EV efficiency related information.