FIAT 500e – First Drive

Robert takes the Fiat 500e out for a first drive, and it’s safe to say he is impressed with this small, fun and cool car from Italy.

It’s small, it’s compact, it’s fun, it’s cool, and Robert absolutely loves it. The Fiat 500e was originally a compliance car only available in California, but now Fiat will be mass producing this little gem of a car in Turin, Italy and shipping it globally.

Coming in cheaper than similar sized EVs like the Honda e and the Mini electric, this car delivers a decent range which can easily be increased using the Sherpa mode which suits city driving. The back seat is pretty small, but the boot is surprisingly roomy and it is a beautifully styled car. Robert is clearly impressed with it’s efficiency and practicality, which is a little like his new lockdown haircut!


0.00  Intro
1.13  Robert’s Italian lesson
1.44  Welcome to Slough
2.21  Front restyling
2.42  Bobby’s lockdown haircut
3.52  What’s not to like?
4.05  California dreaming
4.57  Italian job
5.35  I love this car
5.55  (Posh) charging
6.42  Boot surprise
7.08  Batteries & range
7.40  Sat Nav & volume controls
8.39  Modes
9.14  Sherpa driving
9.44  It’s getting hot in here
11.20  All the trimmings
12.12  Speed stats
12.26  What does it cost?
13.04  Built as an EV
13.27  Child sized back seats
14.08  Range reassessment
16.10  Efficiency
16.41  Brilliant to drive
16.47  Subscribe, support, join

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