Ex-Top Gear presenter sets 'Electric Car experts' straight... the shocking truth about EVs!

Is it any wonder that politicians like Rishi Sunak & Donald Trump are pushing back so hard against Electric Cars when there is so much wrong with them? Too expensive, too heavy, flawed batteries, flawed infrastructure, & are they really ‘greener ‘ anyway?

These are just some of the things that we hear every day. So why are sales of battery electric vehicles growing like crazy around the globe? Watch as an ex-Top Gear presenter & a ‘scrapheap specialist’ dismantle everything you thought you knew about electric vehicles. See the “Biggest Electric Car ‘Bull’ Shattered”, & in front of a live audience.

Isn’t it time to #StopBS, & start to put the poor motorist & the beleaguered taxpayer first? This episode was filmed very recently in Westminster in front of an assembled audience of politicians, press and motorists.

Be sure to share ‘the truth about electric cars’ widely….

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