Your Electric Car Can Earn You Money. Here's How!

EVEE Car Sharing is perhaps the electric vehicle world’s answer to Airbnb!

EV owners get the chance to make money from their EVs when they’re not using them, whilst drivers can try out any EV as well as ask the owner what it’s really like to own an EV or that particular model. The perfect try before you buy!

Simone investigates down under.


0:00 Introduction
0:40 Flirt with an EV!
1:21 Airbnb for electric cars
2:12 EVEE Car Sharing
2:49 Cheaper than a rental
3:14 Why is Australia falling behind?
5:32 Who are the hosts?
6:29 Let’s give it a go!
7:54 Try before you buy!
10:08 Get around the shortages
11:00 Dispel some of the myths
12:07 What next?
12:39 Concluding thoughts

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