Electric Ferrari – time to give classic cars a new lease of life?

Robert has been desperate to try out this converted electric Ferrari for some time and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

This might look like a classic red Ferrari 308 GTS but it has one little secret – its 100% electric.

While some will see this conversion of such a classic car as controversial, it’s now a faster, lighter and more practical car which gets far more usage than its combustion engine predecessor. This classic Ferrari was lovingly converted by Richard Morgan and the team at Electric Classic Cars and Robert was warned to be careful when he took it for a drive as its a ‘bit lively!’. This high performance car now has an impressive 500 horsepower and is both exhilarating and terrifying to drive (see Robert’s face for proof). So looking to the future, could converting to electric be the solution to preserving these incredible classic cars?


0:00  Intro
1:15  Out for a drive
1:51   Fun but frightening
2:27  Speed? what speed?
3:14   Bonkers stats
3:52  Stepped acceleration
5:10   Easy village driving
6:22   History of the conversion
7:25  A new lease of life
8:21  Battery in, engine out
9:33  Conversion costs
11:31  Before and after stats
13:05  Bonus car noises
14:48  Ferrari powered house?
16:33  Preserving classic cars by conversion
17:11  Subscribe, support, join

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