Combustion Hypocrisy, Diesel Killers & Electric Hummer

Robert’s back with a news update of some of the latest stories including his attempt at an action movie trailer for the new Electric Hummer!

Robert’s back with his thoughts on some of the latest stories from the world of clean energy & electric vehicles as well as a Statham-esque movie voiceover! Starting with the impact of oil or no oil on a country’s corruption, human rights and political unrest there’s a great circular economy story about a New Zealand start up who are recycling precious metals from electronic waste. In other news, Honda have announced they will stop making diesel cars immediately and plan to be fully electric by 2022 and Octopus Energy have created a new ‘Electric Juice’ system to simplify public charging options.

Finally, Robert lets out his inner action hero when looking at Hummer’s new all electric pickup!


0:00  EVs Rewire our Brains
3:00  Clean Costa Rica
5:08  Recycling Electronic Waste
6:21  Diesel Killers?
7:26  Electric Car Sales Surge
9:10  Electric Juice?
11:05  Hummer Homestead feat. Jason Statham
13:59  Subscribe & Support

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