Cleaning up dirty diggers – Is green hydrogen the Solution?

Could green hydrogen be the solution to cleaning up dirty diggers? Robert and Helen pay a visit to JCB to find out.

What happens if you can’t get a battery big enough or don’t have access to charging infrastructure? JCB has been investigating hydrogen combustion and hydrogen fuel cell technologies for the iconic backhoe loader. The question is, is hydrogen combustion a truly sustainable and workable solution to clean up these dirty diggers? We sent Robert and Helen to find out!


00:00 Any excuse to play in a digger
01:10 Hydrogen Combustion?!
05:07 We went to the factory
08:30 Refuelling?
10:44 How does it work?
13:18 How efficient is it?
16:30 Hydrogen Infrastructure
18:24 What did Robert and Helen think?

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