Citroen Ami First Drive – Absolutely Bonkers or Gallic Genius?

Robert literally can’t stop laughing in this episode as he takes the crazy Citroen Ami for a drive around Bristol.

Robert has been banging on about wanting to see more smaller EVs and it looks like he might have got his wish! The Citroen Ami is cute, crazy and fun to drive. It might be very small but it has everything you legally need for a vehicle and its hard not to like it.

It might be the oddest first drive Robert has ever done, but he’s so taken with this egg box on wheels that he sings the Ami’s praises in French! The range is low, the top speed is low and there is literally only room in the back for a couple of baguettes, but we challenge anyone to drive this car and not feel ridiculously happy. In fact, the limited range is probably necessary to curb Robert’s ‘arse anxiety’ from the slightly uncomfortable ride!


0:00  Intro
0:48  Definitely a small car
1:16  Puppy love
2:01  Oh la la
2:17  Robert’s French lesson
2:41  G-Whizz!
3:14  Speed demon, not
3:50  Such fun
4:14  Super small
4:21  Two-baguette boot
4:36  All legal requirements
5:02  Door charger
6:00  Weird plastic trays
6:21  Cool dude
6:42  Will fit anywhere
7:06  Hairdryer heating
7:32  Hysterically funny
7:56  A good urban option?
8:14  Arse anxiety
8:26  Interested?
9:07  High quality egg box
10:18  Subscribe, support, join

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