Can The Polestar 3 Steal Jaguar Land Rover’s Thunder?!

This episode takes us to Madrid, where we got behind the wheel of the Polestar 3 for the first time and put it through its paces to deliver our verdict!

It arrives a little later than many had hoped and carries a hefty price tag. So, the question is: can it win us over? Does it justify its price and make up for the delay? Watch the full episode to find out! And keep an eye out for our upcoming Polestar 4 review!

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0:00 Swedish Hunk
1:08 EV Nerdiness
2:01 Chassis and Dynamic Dons!
4:01 Big Old SUV?!
4:57 Price and a little bugbear
5:54 Efficiency, Range and BIG Batteries!
7:00 Make or break moment for Polestar?
7:50 Interior Review
9:12 25 Speakers and AI bits!
10:05 More Sustainable Than a Polestar 2!
11:05 Back Seat Test
12:07 Can it Justify The Price?!
12:52 Concluding thoughts

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