This Car Proves Just How Far Chinese Cars Have Come

Bobby goes for a drive in perhaps the most complete and advanced Chinese EV to arrive on European shores thus far: the BYD Seal.

With next-generation battery tech, is this a new contender for all-around best EV on sale today? Maybe – just don’t call it a Tesla killer!


0:00 Intro
1:28 Battery maestros
4:27 Driving impressions
5:19 A very Bobby walkaround
8:00 No more sacrificing range!
9:07 Not un-powerful
10:07 Battery and range
10:43 Techy interior
13:37 Back seat Bob test
14:40 Come see it for yourself!

The BYD Seal will be on display at Fully Charged LIVE Europe, on the 24th-26th November. Tickets available here.

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